Christmas Anonymous will be having its Store Day on December 11. Gifts and clothing will be available for your children. You can apply for benefits by working with your case worker at one of the following agencies. Applications can be completed on-line or with your case worker. Details of the on-line process will be on the application. 

  • Olmsted County Social Services
  • Olmsted County Public Health
  • Rochester Public Schools

Applications will be available at these agencies in early October. The on-line application form can be used after receiving your application from one of the listed agencies. You must have a paper application from an agency to complete the on-line form. There is a Client ID on the application. Be sure to enter your Client ID correctly. Applications with invalid IDs will be rejected.


If you have any questions about qualifying, how to fill out an application, or to check on an application, fill out the form below or call our message line at (507)285-3940.

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