All Christmas Anonymous volunteers will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and norovirus. Volunteers will be required to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

Quarantine: If you have had or been exposed to COVID-19 or recently traveled to a high-risk area (like going to Disney for Thanksgiving), please quarantine for 14 days before volunteering.

Food and Drink: Because of the pandemic, we will not be serving food, snacks, or drinks at Christmas Anonymous. Please bring your own.

Symptoms: Please cancel your volunteer signup if you begin to experience symptoms or come into contact with someone with COVID-19. Do not assume that your cough is caused by allergies or your vomiting caused by something you ate! If you have any symptoms, please stay home.

Masks: If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, then you need to wear a face shield. If you have a mask with an exhalator, you should either switch to a non-exhalator mask or wear it with a face shield.

For more detail see our fullĀ Christmas Anonymous COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

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